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Leonardo’s Day Out: Bats, Bones, and Bravery

STEAM/Biography/Creative Non-fiction
Picture Book/ Ages: 5-7
Word Count: 595

Its Leonardo da Vinci’s birthday and he wants to explore! His adventerous spirit leads him to a dark and mysterious cave where his curiosity cheers him on, but his mind paints a hungry, hairy monster inside. Curiosity wins, and Leonardo not only finds a fossilized whale inside, but his emerging creative genius. Backmatter includes author note, fun facts, a short biography, and further reading.


Raven Home 

Picture Book/ Ages: 4-7
Word Count: 528

A young raven is swept away by a storm. He asks other birds for directions, but instead they encourage him to be still and listen to his heart, believe in himself, and trust his inner voice. It’s not until he meets a golden eagle that he discovers his true power lies within his heart where his mothers loving and encouraging words guide him home. Backmatter includes author note, list of birds and noted landmarks in Ireland, and further reading.

S is for a Shiver of Sharks

Fiction-Informational/Environmental Awareness
Picture Book/ Ages: 3-5
Word Count: 190

An A-Z picture book using collective nouns of thirty-six different sea creatures to highlight the threat of plastic pollution in and around our oceans. Illustration notes for each letter include children from around the world taking action through conservation. A follow-up book is planned, A is for an Ambush of Tigers; an A-Z picture book of collective nouns for endangered animals.

Stone Soup for the World

Ages: 4-7
Word Count: 542

In this re-imagining of the original folktale Stone Soup by Marcia Brown, Jesus brings a community consumed by selfishness together with the idea of making soup with three stones and what happens when we follow him and open our hearts to love. Includes a recipe and an author note.

I Am a Child of God, and I’m Grateful For…

Board Book/SEL/Faith Based
Ages: 0-3
Word Count: 311

Is an A-Z gratitude book for young children based on the most simple things to be grateful for within God’s kingdom. Making a gratitude list can help children feel more positive and calm in emotional situations, but for younger children, hearing what they might be grateful for is powerful, too.