Kate Lynch
KidLit Writer - Believer - Mom - Photographer


"For the Lord is good and His love endures forever; His faithfulness continues through all generations."
Psalm 99:5

Autobiographical Statement or Brief History

I grew up in Colorado. My parents were both writers and photographers, so I grew up with a love for books, and being creative. My parents divorced when I was about eight years old. I have three siblings, so to keep us all out of trouble, my mom took us camping and hiking, a lot. I love being in nature. I love the peacefulness that nature brings and learning about the many plants, animals, and encouraging conservation. My first job as a teenager was a ranch hand where I helped round up cows, feed the many animals, and harvest hay. I worked one summer for the Youth Conservation Corps where we maintained trails and built a playground for summer visitors. But my favorite summer job was taking care of sled dogs for a company who gave sled dog rides in the winter. My dream job, I think, would be to have my own farm where I could share my love for animals with children.

I attended Pine Manor College in Boston, where I earned a dual degree in Business Administration and English: Writing and Literature. I loved Boston, so I stayed, and so began my journey. My first job was with Little, Brown, and Company as a secretary. I held many jobs in sales because I realized I loved helping people. After I got married and we had our three beautiful (now grown) boys, I decided I wanted to be a stay-at-home mom. I worked with children within the local school system as a substitute teacher, tutor, and volunteered my time for grades K-12. My dream job was with Scholastic Book Fairs where I selected books, set up book fair displays, and worked the fairs within the local schools.

My husband and I, and our mini dachshund Bikku Biddi, live on Cape Cod. I love living near the ocean surrounded by the wonders of nature. I’m grateful to write for children where I hope my life experiences can give them a sense of confidence, encouragement, curiosity, and maybe even find their own superpower.

Personal Story: Never Lost, Only Discovering

As a kid, I always felt different. I was shy and didn’t make friends easily, so I spent time in nature where I knew I could be myself. I’d spend hours creating stories in my head while I watched clouds go by, or while building neighborhoods underneath the juniper trees in our back yard. Whenever my family life got rough, I’d be outside reading my favorite book under a tree, playing in puddles, or pretending I was an adventurer in a snowstorm (I still do this!). As I got older and found myself in situations where I was afraid, or anxious, or scared, I made sure I went outside.

When I was in high school as part of a winter mountaineering course, we took a cross-country ski trip into the heart of the Rocky Mountains. We skied 3-5 miles a day, stop and dig snow forts, and sleep in them. One day, it was predicted to snow over two feet, but we kept going. One teacher had to leave to get a student to the hospital because he had altitude sickness. We heard avalanches in the area, so we stopped and decided to camp for a few days. Before we knew it, it had snowed over two feet! We couldn’t ski out if we wanted to. In the meantime, we were running out of food and water. With my love of the outdoors, my respect for nature, and my faith, I made sure we kept our spirits up. I knew in my heart we were going to be okay. I felt positive and ‘taken care of’ in a way I can’t explain to this day.  I just had to believe. Days went by, we rationed what bread we had left, instant milk, and oatmeal. By the third day, bright sunshine broke through the clouds. We emerged from our snow caves and heard a Chinook helicopter above our heads. The other teacher who had left with the sick student had contacted the U.S. Army for a mountain rescue after we missed the day of our meet up point. I remember the feeling of climbing through the 2-3 feet of snow that had fallen with a sense of gratitude not only for being rescued, but for hanging onto a positive, hopeful mindset to stay calm amidst such adversity. But gratitude also for my mom who had instilled in me a love and respect for nature that has always brought me peace and a sense of bellonging.

Fun Facts

  • I had 8 kids in my 6th grade class
  • I’ve eaten rattlesnake (and yes, it tastes like chicken)
  • I was a temporary bailiff, swearing people in, at the county courthouse one summer

This is my family