About Me

My Childhood

I grew up in a creative and loving household in Colorado Springs, Colorado with two sisters, a brother, and many animals. There was always a stray cat, dog, bird, or lizard that my brother or sister would bring in. We had a yard that felt so big to me it felt like the entire world lived there. I was never bored. My parents created books together. I loved the endless curiosity and learning my parents promoted, and it all began with their books. My mom was a writer and my dad a photographer, so of course, there were endless books about native Americans, artists, ranchers, photographers, the West, and many more. I loved to watch them layout pages for their books, and I remember at a very young age telling myself that I’d grow up one day to create books just like them! I loved my childhood, even though my parents divorced when I was young, it was still a magical time filled with books, exploration, and wonder of the natural world around me.

My mom reading to my brother and me.
In school, I loved science and anything that was creative, and of course, reading time.  I loved stories that took me places, like The Swiss Family Robinson, A Wrinkle in Time, and The Borrowers by Mary Norton. I loved how creatively they used small things like a spool of thread for a table, or a paper clip to hang their clothes on in that book. And of course, I loved ALL of Dr. Seuss and Maurice Sendak’s books. I also spent a lot of time reading anything written by E.B. White,  Roald Dahl, and C.S. Lewis.
Me in third grade 

In middle school, despite wanting to be outside all the time, I still loved reading and writing. I read Harriett the Spy, Freaky Friday, and probably more C.S. Lewis. By 6th grade, I was brave enough to write a poem for a school-wide poetry contest  titled,

Freedom Is…

Later on, in high school, I wrote a poem that was published in the school literary magazine.
A Child’s Life
       “A child’s life is too tender and precious to be wasted or destroyed.
        A child’s life is filled with daydreams, laughter and untouched fairylands.
        A child is someone who passes through your life, and then disappears into an adult.”
High school was hard for me. I went to a private school because my mother valued a good education, but I found it hard to fit in. Most of the other kids were from other states, even countries. I read a lot of Hugh Prather and the poetry of Kahlil Gibran. I loved my English classes but found I also enjoyed outdoor mountaineering classes as well. I participated in rock climbing, winter camping, and cross-country skiing. As a class in 11th grade, we went on a seven-day winter camping trip, but we got lost in the mountains. We made snow caves and ate what food we had: bread, oatmeal, and sugar. There were no cell phones back then, so a teacher skied back for help. Three days later an army Chinook helicopter rescued us. I was really glad to be home with my family.
Back to writing…what has always helped me when faced with adversity, is writing. I’ve written in a journal since I was about twelve years old. I find if I can get my thoughts out on paper, or what’s worrying me, I feel better. While in high school I had some pretty interesting summer jobs. I worked on a ranch in North West Colorado at thirteen years old. It was hard for me to be away from home at that age, but the family I stayed with took great care of me. I loved all the animals on the ranch especially the wild horses, buffalo, sheep, pigs, and the many cats. (But not the rattlesnakes!) I loved animals so much the next summer I worked at a kennel outside of Aspen, Colorado that had eighty-nine sled dogs. I think I made friends with each and every one of them. It was an experience I’ll never forget.
 I went to Evergreen State College in Olympia Washington for two years and studied Environmental Education, I was convinced I wanted to be a forest ranger. But I was homesick and ended up back home in Colorado to regroup. I eventually graduated from Pine Manor College outside of Boston with a degree in Business Management with a minor in English: Writing & Literature. After I graduated, I got my first job at Little, Brown & Co., publishing in Boston! I worked in their textbook sales division and loved it. My passion for writing was only a little spark at this time as I had to pay rent and subway fares. As time went on, I met my husband and we eventually settled in northern Connecticut. When my kids were in school I worked as a substitute teacher,  Scholastic Book Fairs Representative, and continued to work on my craft. I have three grown boys who make me proud each and every day. We enjoy spending time together as a family when we can on Cape Cod chasing sunsets, walking the beach, the many trails, fishing, and boating. I enjoy living near the water with my husband and our mini-Dachsund Bikku Bitti.

 For Writers

Your experiences in life make you who you are. Hold onto the truth in those experiences, and write about them. If there’s any advice I can give you about writing, it’s this: Be yourself. No one can write the stories you can. Reach for the stars and to quote Sir Winston Churchill, “Never give up. Never give up. Never give up. Never, never, never, never, never.”