Works in Progress

Middle Grade

Boys jumping on rock at beach, photo by Ajay Bhargav

The Dock Boy, ages 7-9  Finalist in the New Voices in Children’s Literature: Tassy Walden Awards Twelve year old Michael McGrady lost his mom to cancer, finds himself on Cape Cod for the summer where he meets a local kid named, Dock Boy, a foster kid, as they hunt for a pirate treasure and the true meaning of friendship. This is a complete manuscript at 36,056 words. Available upon request.


Young Adult Memoir #OwnVoices

Girl sitting with husky and clouds

If I Had Wings, based in 1978, sixteen year-old Simone Miller witnessed her mother’s attempted suicide minutes before she’s sent to work at a sled dog kennel deep in the Rocky Mountains, where the man she works for abuses dogs.  She must fight for the survival of her own mental health, as well as the lives of the sled dogs she loves. Journal entries and poetry are layered throughout text. This manuscript is a work in progress. Estimated date of completion: Spring 2019


Picture Books

What to Feed your Monsters, ages 4-7 Lucie Lewis creates some crazy culinary concoctions that she hopes her bedtime monsters will love, but it’s not until she creates the one bedtime snack that tames her own inner beast that she truly appeases her monsters’ appetites. This is a complete manuscript at 415 words. Available upon request.

Leonardo & The Secret Cave, fictionalized for readers ages 4-9 This story is based on a journal entry by Leonardo da Vinci when he found a cave as a young boy and realized his curiosity was greater than his fears. Includes backmatter with author note, fun facts, short biography, references and further reading. This is a complete manuscript at 492 words. Available upon request.

Dun Raven of Adare, ages 4-9 A young raven from Adare, Ireland is lost in a storm until he listens to his heart and finds the loving words of his mother to his way back find home. This is a complete manuscript at 671 words. Available upon request.

Tea’ in the Garden with Miss O’Keeffe, ages 4-7 Six year old Tea’ sits with the great American painter, Miss Georgia O’Keeffe in her garden. They drink tea as Tea’ learns about the many rocks, artifacts and deer antlers Miss O’Keeffe has collected, as well as the beautiful flowers that inspired her paintings. This book was inspired by the photographs my father took while visiting Miss O’Keeffe and the stories he shared with me. This manuscript is a work in progress. Estimated date of completion: early Spring 2019